Euan Anderson

Piper for hire

How do I know I am getting value for money? 
Euan offers a top of the range, bespoke service and he offers a price structure that is sensible and fair. Euan believes that based on quality of service he is very competitive.

When should I book?
The earlier the better, especially if it is a weekend wedding. The calendar fills up very quickly and it is not unusual for customers to book a year in advance.

Can I request what tunes I would like?
In general yes but remember not all music can be played or is best suited for the bagpipes. However, where there is a will there is usually a way.  Tune selection and the appropriate music for the event will be part of the initial pre-booking discussion.

Can you arrange for other musicians to play at my event?
Yes. Euan has contact with a number of groups/artists but remember early contact/booking is vital to secure these highly sought after musicians.

Is it just Edinburgh events you play at? 
No. If you have a look through the website and gallery pictures you will see that any destinations is achievable in UK and abroad. Further afield events will take extra planning so again please make early contact to allow time for planning and preparation.

Can you address the Haggis?
Yes. I also offer a toast to the Lassies speech.